Greenlight on: Sedum Adolphi

Lying in bed last night, I was trying to think what would be a good regular feature for this blog. I wanted to do a kind of 'spotlight' on singular plants, but I have a unreasonable hatred of the word spotlight so I tried to be clever and come up with something plant-related. To no avail - this title sounds awful and I think I'm going to have to go back to the drawing board with it. Watch this space for more terrible, failed puns. 

Anyway, here goes, my first "Greenlight" (name pending): Sedum Adolphi

This plant can grooow: rescued from a Prince's Garden Centre last summer, where it was shrivelling up into a dry mess, I originally struggled to get it to thrive. Whatever I threw at it it just withered more. After a quick search of the internet, I came across the hallowed ground for succulent and cacti care - the /r/succulents Reddit thread. If you haven't been on it yet then go go go! It's so useful if you're concerned about a plant, want an ID, or just want to show off. People normally reply to posts within a day, giving you surplus opinions on what to do to save your babies.

Back then to Summer 2016 and my shrivelling Sedum Adolphi. I posted a photo on Reddit and got back a definitive answer: 'water it you dumb-ass'. I had been watering it, but gently and fearful of rot. On second advice taken from my Nana, I soaked the plant overnight in it's pot and then repotted it the next day and crossed my fingers.

Thankfully, the good soaking worked. Within a few days this plant looked incredible and since then it's been growing good. The broken leaf you can see was my fault (don't ask) but this week I noticed some little pups growing on the lower stem which is mega exciting.

The plant was labelled Sedum Adolphi when I bought it, but I'm still not 100 per cent convinced it's a correct ID. Looking at photos of other Adolphis online, I think mine is altogether more green (when when I counter in exposure to sunlight). However, it fits most of the other characteristics - if you think you have a better idea, comment or send me a message!

Like I said, it's mostly green but when exposed to lots of sun it takes on a paler colour, with slight reddened tips. It's really hardy - can take a good lot of water without too much risk and always looks incredibly healthy. If you're looking for a 'starter' succulent I would recommend one of these: people often say jades are hard to kill but I've had the opposite. My jade is constantly on the cusp of death where as this little plant has been through thick and thin and still looks beautiful.

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