Succulents Newsflash: Haworthia Cymbiformis and Mammillaria Bombycina

A few weeks back I visited RHS Wisley, and had a nose at their incredible display of dry temperate plants which included more cacti and succulents than I'd ever seen in my life. After this succulent-heaven (that's not a joke), I paid a visit to the Plant Centre next door and bought some new plants for myself, as well as some new fancy pots.

I've been traipsing back and forth from Hampshire to Liverpool this Easter Holidays, so I hadn't had the opportunity to add the plants to my collection up in the North. Finally though, FINALLY, I've got my two new babies up in one piece via car this week, and I've topped up their soil and integrated them with the other plants.

The two new plants are Haworthia Cymbiformis (from South Africa) and Mammillaria Bombycina (from Mexico). They're small and a little hassled but seem to be enjoying the Scouse Sunshine at the moment. The new pots were £8.99 from the plant centre, and came with drainage holes and cute little saucers in the same pattern as the pot. They're much posher than my 70p ASDA terracotta pots, but the contrast makes it all quite niche. 

Right now, both the plants are out in the afternoon sun with the other plants, but I think at night I will pop them on my bedside table to show them off a bit. 

The Mammillaria Bombycina was complete 'agg' to repot. The spikes are hooked so they snag at your skin (I didn't have any gloves up in Liverpool) and it hurts like hell to pull them out. Hopefully won't be needing to touch it for a while!

This is my first Haworthia and I'm a little nervous about keeping it happy. I use a grow light regularly and I'm terrified of burning the leaves as I've heard they only like indirect sunlight and partial shade. I'll try and keep him to the edge of the light, but I'll just have to experiment and get back to you!

This post has been a bit rushed, I admit, and I'm sorry about that. My dissertation deadline is looming and while I'm trying to find anything to do except work on it, I can't spend too long on the blog - give me 30 and a bit days and I'll be all yours.

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