Starting again: An Apology and a Promise

How hard is it to write a blog? Really. Bloody. Hard. Writer's block might be a thing but when you're juggling university finals, masters applications and holiday plans even remembering you have a blog is pretty tough.

That's also a white lie - I've been on my summer holidays now for over a month. I'm just being lazy. But I'm going to make myself a promise. From now on I'll be posting AT LEAST once a week. Damn, that's a commitment. Let's see how it goes.

You might have noticed on my About page there's been a change: I now own two blogs - this one and a more personal one that's catering for my career future as a hopeful journalist. This blog is strictly succulents and cacti, and maybe a bit of gardening. If you're interested, head over to my other blog here.

My only real bit of exciting news is that I bought two new plants before I came home for summer and planted them up with the chopped off heads of a Sedum that was horrifically elotiated.  On the left looking (in this photo) a little dehydrated is a Pachyphytum Compactum (Or 'little jewel'). On the top right is what /r/succulents on reddit has kindly informed me is a possible Himalaya Senecio.  This photo was taken a month or so ago - they've been watered and cared for a bit more since them and are looking much healthier.

Right, that's really the end... I don't have much to say. Tomorrow I'll be putting together a little post on propagation once I've photographed my new plants. I've also had an idea for a "Sunburnt Succulents" post, inspired by some horrifically burnt leaves this summer. Phase one of A Post A Week will (hopefully) commence!

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