Changing Seasons, Changing Mediums

It seems cliché to start this post  with a comment about the ever-changing quality of the world around us. The cyclical pattern of leaves, glorious summer skies greying to bleak winter afternoons, decaying bodies feeding living ones and so on. But there’s no denying that most patterns in our lives inevitably fit the narrative of continuous transformation.

I'm moving my writing for this blog elsewhere. A newsletter, to be exact. So, the blog that was transforms itself. I’m not sure why my writing here slowed – the medium felt forced, perhaps, and the sense of sending thoughts into an empty and unread abyss stilted creativity. But my interest in the natural world continues and I still want to find a way to share its beauty, brutality and oddities with someone. 

I don’t think the newsletter will be strictly about nature. The world outside us shapes our interiors lives, never more so than in our diets. While supermarkets might skew the patterns of seasonality in cooking, we still pick winter comforts and summer freshness for our plates, season by season. I like food, a lot, so it will probably make its way into this newsletter.  And potted plants will also continue to feature. Pieces of nature, however exotic, brought inside. 

A small note: this is terrifying to do. Ironically for someone who wants to be a writer, I find sharing my less structured written thoughts equal parts exhilarating and horrifying. So, I’m not making any promises about regularity.

This newsletter will probably grow and morph, take hibernations at times, while tumbling into your inbox like an exuberant pothos scrambling towards the light at others, but I hope it will bring a little bit of joy into your life when you read it. If nothing else, I hope it inspires you to look out the window, or head out the door and appreciate the natural world wherever it exists around you. Whenever I’m tired or stressed, or feeling drained of creativity and focus, it’s the natural world outside that wakes me up. I hope it does that for you, too.

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